Got 2 great sweaters for Christmas, a navy blue one and a grey one, both from sisters. They’re gonna make me a snappy dresser yet!

Shopping Done!

I went Christmas shopping today, and really got in the spirit! It was all done in one fell swoop. The stores even wrapped everything for me, as I’m definitely challenged it that area!

And I’m claiming my neighbor’s killer light display is a joint effort; upon consuming an extra helping of alcoholic egg nog, he granted me permission to tell people that!

Blue Snowball mic works great!!

Just got a new microphone and who would have thought such a great piece of equipment would have such an awesome name! Blue Snowball!

Anyway, here it is:Blue Snowball

This thing is about eight inches tall or so, stands on a tripod (kind of reminds me of R2D2 from Star Wars) and come in different colors (the one I’m using is black).

There are no controls on it – it simply plugs into a USB port and the levels are controlled by Windows.

Color me very pleased with the quality of this device. The sound is crystal clear.

Overall I give this device two thumbs up!