College was a drag!

In college, I had a Plymouth 440 GTX, but there were many other muscle cars around – a Dodge Super Bee and a 396 Chevelle, to name a few. We had frequent drag races in a field behind campus!

Oh, by the way, sometimes, we went to class, too!

They’re growing on a walk!

Sometimes on my brisk morning walk, I see a guy walking his German Shepherd puppy. The pup seems to get bigger every time I see him! A ball of squirming fur – what a beauty!

Helpful Guy

Heard a good one the other day. Help your fellow man, and he’ll remember you…..when he needs help again!

Morning Walk

It was 32 degrees on my morning walk. The walking pace was brisk, and the temperature was BRISK! I looked like the Michelin man with all the clothes!